Saturday, October 17, 2009

Take a Walk With Wisdom

"He that walketh with wise men shall be wise..."  (Prov.13:20)

I learned a long time ago, if I wanted to grow spiritually and intellectually, one of the best ways was to be on the look out for other women who excelled in these areas. For the most part, they were older than I, but not always. Youth is not often profound, but I have met some outstanding exceptions.

I agree with Solomon, cultivating a relationship (or, if nothing else, a lengthy conversation) with someone who has walked with God and learned from this experience, is a shortcut to wisdom that is only surpassed in efficiency and quality by your own relationship with Him. The individual need not know you are picking her brain or harvesting her experience. In fact, the more natural and unassuming you are, the more candid and helpful your times together will be. Remember, it's a walk, which indicates to me leisurely companionship.

I am thinking now of people I know who always seem to be floundering in their Christian lives; and I'm sure one of the main reasons is that they are seldom in the company of others who could "help them on to God," as the old hymn says.

I think Solomon is saying this: We never rise above the people with whom we willingly choose to surround ourselves.

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