Monday, September 24, 2012

To a Granddaughter (3)

“…singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord.” (Col. 3:16c)

         We have established that singing—Spirit-filled singing for the glory of God—is an activity that requires using our heads: “I will sing with understanding”; but the verse finishes by letting us know it’s all about the heart. And Ephesians 5:19 only confirms this. Sing with a heart full of grace, the great Apostle instructs us, not with any bitterness or resentment toward a brother or sister, and not with pride or false humility. The reason I believe this is so important is because of the last three words of the verse: “…to the Lord.”

         You see, even when I’m “teaching and admonishing” fellow believers or sharing the claims of Christ with a congregation of unbelievers, when all is said and done…I’m singing to the Lord. And so are you. We talk about certain songs being “worship songs,” but, in reality, they all are. I think I’ve already told you about the words I read in the foyer of the fine arts building at California Baptist University in Riverside that impressed me so much: “Come Sing; Come Play; but know this: your audience is but One.” That’s it. His approval of our singing is all that will matter in the end. Any applause we receive for anything we do down here will not even be an echo in eternity.

         When I think about singing, I’m reminded of what C.S. Lewis said when he was asked why he prayed. “I pray because I can’t help myself,” he said, “Because the need flows out of me all the time.” That’s how I feel about singing. It’s like the old song I used to sing, “It’s in my heart, this melody of love Divine/It’s in my heart since I am His and He is mine/It’s in my heart; how can I help but sing and shine/It’s in my heart; it’s in my heart!” What’s down in the well will come up in the bucket sooner or later! J

         So, my darling Kassie, I would want for you what I want for myself, a life filled with music, with songs that touch the heart of others, but that first of all, have touched your own. May you sing with understanding and clarity, and may there be no doubt of Whom you are singing. I often say that singing is something I’ll take to heaven with me. Not my witnessing, for all there are redeemed by the Blood of the Lamb; not my giving, for the very streets are paved with gold; and not any ministering to the poor and needy, because no one there is in need of anything. But, bless the Lord, we’ll all still sing there! No wonder it’s such a part of our worship and fellowship and ministering here. Just as the angels sang in eternity past, you and I, and all the redeemed of all the ages, will sing praises to God through eternity future.

Sing…not for all you’re worth, but for all He’s worth!


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