Saturday, June 14, 2014

Every Day Is Father's Day

“One God and Father…who is above all…” – Eph. 4:6
You and I have often read or heard it said, “Every day is Mother’s Day.” But when was the last time you heard it said of fathers? I think sometimes they’re the only ones expected to earn respect, which they should, of course. But I’ve known less than stellar mothers whose faults were glossed over simply by right of birth—not theirs, but the children’s. And again, I recognize children are admonished to honor both their fathers and their mothers (Eph. 6:2). I’m just saying, I think we sometimes have higher standards for, and hold more grievances against, fathers than mothers.  This is a blanket statement, I know, and you may disagree, but it’s just something I’ve observed through the years and even more so in today’s society.
Now, having said that, I will tell you, my siblings and I have nothing but praise for the honest, hard-working, generous, loving father with which we were blessed.  As he got older, he grew more and more tender, most of all to our blessed mother, who suffered from Alzheimer’s. Not only that, the honorable man of God (literally) that my children call “Dad” has always given undying love and devotion…and ­­faithfulness to them and their mother, as well as God. But this is still not what I really want to say today.
If everything I said was untrue, my title is still unquestionable. And if I were one of the unfortunates who has never known the love and devotion of a good father, it would still be true. For above all earthly fathers, good or bad, is the God of heaven, who has allowed believers in His Son to call Him “Father,” something Old Testament saints were denied. You and I can cry “Abba, Father,” and expect an answer (Rom. 8:15-16). Jesus, the risen Savior, told His disciples that He would be ascending “…unto my Father and your Father…” (Jno. 20:17).  And when He was asked how to address God in prayer, He told His disciples to just call Him, “Father.” As Blood-bought, New Testament Believers, we’re not forced to come to God on a Creator/creature basis, or even a Sovereign/subject one; we can come as a child to his or her Father, both born and adopted by Him (1 Jno. 5:1; Rom. 8:15). So here’s what my Father’s Day card says today:
Happy Father’s Day to my Father,
 Father above all others,

Today and every day.

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