Thursday, May 28, 2015

A Little Bird Told Me

“[F]or a bird of the air shall carry the voice, and that which hath wings will tell the matter.” Ecclesiastes 10:20

When someone wants to repeat something but is hesitant to divulge the source, this individual may simply say, "A little bird told me." Well, here are some things a few birds told me, and I don’t mind at all sharing my source:

A dove told me that Jesus was the beloved Son of God (Matt. 3:16-17); an eagle promised me that if I would wait on the Lord, I can mount up into the heavenlies with wings like his own (Isa. 40:31); a swallow shared that the altar of God is the best place to take my children (Psl. 84:3). I was surprised to find that a raven provided the first “meals on wheels (wings) service to one of God’s saints (1 Kings 17:6); and I am overwhelmed with joy at this admission by a sparrow that even though my Heavenly Father may care enough about them to attend each one of their funerals, but He values me much, much more (Matt. 10: 29-31).

Now that’s something to crow about! J

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