Monday, May 5, 2008

Righteousness: Pass It On

"I have been young, and now am old; yet have I never seen the righteous forsaken, nor his seed begging bread...and his seed is blessed." (Psl. 37:25-26b)

Righteousness is the gift that keeps on giving; especially to your children, says the text. For those who are able, it's good to lay aside money for your children's future education, etc. Of even greater benefit, however, will be the righteousness you are able to "deposit" as a nest egg for your children to draw upon in later years.

At a time in his life when our older son, Andrew, was embarking on a new and formidable venture for God, he sent a message to his father, thanking him for his example of living faith down through the years. His own personal leap of faith was given added "bounce" by the testimony of God's fidelity to his own dad.

Pity the poor son or daughter bereft of parents with character, integrity, and godliness. Such a child is truly a beggar, and no amount of money will ever enrich this pedigree. On the other hand, "Many a rich child sits on the lap of a poor mother." Our daughter Leah's song comes to mind, of course.

(Psl. 16:6)

I may not have riches as some others may
But I have a mother who knows how to pray.
And maybe there are some things I missed in my youth,
But I have a father who stands for the truth.

And, if in the future, my parents pass on
To dwell in that city we've come to call Home.
They may not leave me the goods of this world,
But I will inherit their God and His Word.

I have a goodly heritage; I'm blessed with things you don't see.
I have a goodly heritage; and that is worth far more to me.

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