Friday, April 20, 2012

What More Can He Say?

“What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us?  He that spared not his own Son, but delivered him up for us all, how shall he not with him also freely give us all things” (Romans 8:31-32)  

         In the great hymn of the faith, How Firm a Foundation, which extolls the Word of God, the writer asks, “What more can He say than to you He hath said?” Then he goes on to cite verses where God has promised in His Word to stand with us for as long as we live, in times of trial, temptation, and danger. When we understand to power and glory of our God, Paul says in verse thirty-one of Romans eight, “What else can be said other than if God is for us, who in the world could be expected to stand against us?” It’s a rhetorical question, with the obvious answer, “No one!”

         Then in verse thirty-two, he gives us a reasonable explanation of why we should never doubt that God has always had, and always will have, our best interests at heart. Answer me these questions, says Paul:

What More Can He Do?

         What more could God in Heaven do to prove His love for you and me than to kill His own Son for us? He handed Him over (“delivered him up”) to wicked men to be tortured and put to death “for us all.” When you or I ask, “Where is God?” when we find ourselves tempted or tried or betrayed, we can know the answer is that He’s in the same place He was when His own beloved Son was tempted, tried, and betrayed: standing in the wings, waiting for the right time to deliver Him from death. When you’re tempted to doubt God’s love, look to Calvary and bow your head in shame.

What More Can He Give?

         If you’re wondering what God has planned to give you, remember that He’s already given the dearest thing to His heart, so as Paul says, you can mark it down, He’s been planning all along to “freely give us all things.” Someone has said, “If He’s given His best, will He spare the rest?” “But,” you ask, “Why don’t I have all things?” For the same reason your own children don’t get everything they ask for. Loving parents give only good things to their children, and only at appropriate times. I like what J.I. Packer has said about this promise of God, in his book, Knowing God.

One day we shall see that nothing—literally nothing—which could have increased our eternal happiness has been denied us, and that nothing—literally nothing—that could have reduced that happiness has been left to us.”

            What more can God do to prove His love than to give His only begotten Son for us; what more can He give us than everything; and what more can He say than what He has said in His Word? He has done and said enough on which to build a victorious, meaningful life here on earth and all eternity in Heaven with Him. If you or I feel deprived or put upon in any way, it’s because we don’t believe Him. It’s as simple as that.

Doubt sees the obstacles;
Faith sees the way.
Doubt sees the darkest night;
Faith sees the day.

Doubt dreads to take a step;
Faith soars on high.

Doubt questions, “Who believes?”

Faith answers, “I!” 

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