Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Heart To Hand Lifeline

“And this they did, not as we hoped, but first gave their own selves to the Lord, and unto us by the will of God. – 2 Cor. 8:5

There is a term used when a hospital operating room reaches a point where there are more emergency cases than the staff is prepared to handle. It’s called CODE BLACK. This Fall I watched a TV series by that name. This situation only happens two to three times a year in an ordinary OR, but there is one in Los Angeles, where it occurs regularly 360 nights a year. I found the series both informative as well as entertaining.

For instance, the last episode dealt with an infestation of airborne bacteria that killed, horribly, within several hours. Obviously, the whole facility had to be put under quarantine. Finally, one person was found who had a natural immunity from which they were able to make an antidote that could be administered as a blood transfusion. Because there was no way of preserving it, however, it had to be a one-to -one procedure until they were able to reproduce the immunity in others. The first direct transfusion was done between an artery of the donor and a vein of the recipient. In the episode I saw, the two held hands across two beds as the transfusion took place. As I watched it, tears began to well up in my eyes, and I said softly to myself (and God), “That’s what I have experienced over this past year.”

There were times when I lay powerless with pain, nausea or fear and would suddenly feel a wave of peace and contentment flow over my soul and through my body as if someone’s life’s-blood had begun to slowly move from him or her to me. Not only that, financial aid to help defray medical expenses that would have otherwise smothered us has come in. There have been gifts, some handmade. Some that made me cry, as well as one I just received that made me laugh out loud, literally. And, oh, the words of comfort, assurances of prayer through the mail, emails, phone texts, posting on Facebook, etc.! To know that my name is being brought before the throne of grace at all hours is a veritable lifeline to the grace of God for me.

But, aside from other obvious reasons why this type of transfusion is only used in unusual circumstances, one other is that the amount of blood going from the donor to the recipient cannot be measured, therefore both must be constantly monitored. I know in my own case, what I have received, and am still receiving, from my brothers and sisters in the Lord during this time, is immeasurable. What it has, and is, costing them only God knows, but to me it goes far beyond money, prayers, gifts, cards, and time. It’s life…just as surely as a blood transfusion means life. You and I are side by side, and a lifeline has been opened between your heart and hand to my heart and hand. And only God can say when it’s enough.

As long as He wills it so, I remain your recipient and debtor. 

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