Sunday, August 19, 2012

Mark the Woman

“Mark the perfect man, and behold the upright: for the end of that man is peace.”  (Psalm 37:37)

         I know, I know; the verse says to mark the “perfect man,” but the Bible itself points out many watch-worthy women, so I know God means for us to mark them, as well. We’re given two adjectives here: perfect and upright. Perfect cannot mean flawless or God wouldn’t have called Job “perfect and upright,” then bring him to the place to admit, “I am vile” (Job 2:3 & 40:3-4). But there are those, says the Psalmist, who look perfect to us imperfect people because of their uncommon life and testimony. Mark, or watch, such an individual, he says. For our purposes, I would suggest that we keep an eye on the mature woman who has come to this time of life, not without scars, but with few regrets.

         This is one of the wisest things I’ve done in my life: mark such women. It has given me insight I would not have had otherwise. I took special note of women who had the love and respect of their husbands and children. Women God used to touch the lives of those around them, who were a joy to be around, who were at peace with themselves and content with the will of God. As you might expect, they were women who trusted God enough, and were secure enough in themselves to put Him and others before their own desires. Not only did I mark them, I’m not ashamed to say, I tried to mirror them, though not always successfully.

         Why? Because it’s all about the end game. The verse says those men (and women), who, like Job, are counted among the “perfect and upright” can know their end will be peace, whatever the surrounding circumstances, whatever came before—peace. Find such woman to mark; or better still, be one. 
         Remember…The upright end-up right!                                                                                

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